Free eBooks for Kindle

When Amazon first released the Kindle device, they may not have known just how many free ebooks for Kindle would be on the market five years later. It shouldn’t stand to reason that writers would want to produce free ebooks for Kindle when there is such a huge available e-market in which to sell their books, but it can be a hugely successful selling tool in getting new readers to sample an author’s writing before going on to pay for further works.


Free ebooks for Kindle include classic works that are now in the public domain.

Other free ebooks for Kindle of course include classic works that are now in the public domain, i.e. books where the rights have expired or are no longer applicable. Some of these free ebooks for Kindle include Les Miserables by Victor Hugo and the entire works of Shakespeare.


Free ebooks for Kindle will either be in the AZW or KF8 format. Kindle readers support only these formats. So if a writer had written a book in EPUB, PDF or one of the other myriad formats, they would have to reformat it before the Amazon Kindle store would consider stocking it.

Production Methods

Keeping in mind the restriction of formatting, there are still a number of production methods to create free ebooks for Kindle. With its own Kindle Publishing Program, Amazon would be the obvious place to start. However there are other downloadable software options, such as Adobe InDesign, which can convert existing documents into the correct format to create free ebooks for Kindle.

Compatibility and ease of reading

The Kindle reading app can be downloaded onto Windows 8 PC or tablet, BlackBerry, Windows Phone, Android phone or tablet, iPad, iPhone, Mac. Compatibility is generally excellent, especially on newer devices, though on some smaller Android phones the readability of many free ebooks for Kindle will suffer because of the size of the screen. The complete works of Shakespeare probably isn’t comfortable to read on a screen the size of a deck of cards.

Browsing the abundance of free ebooks for Kindle is truly an absorbing way to spend an hour or two.