Google eBooks

Google Books is a database of books that have been scanned and made available on the Internet as Google ebooks. This initiative was first begun by the company Google Incorporated in 2004. When it was first introduced in October 2004, it was announced as Google Print. However, Google Book Search or Google Book Library Project was announced in December 2004.

eBook and its reader

The Google eBooks enterprise follows an extremely user-friendly and accessible format.

The Google eBooks enterprise follows an extremely user-friendly and accessible format, very much like that which is typical of the Google search engine. All that the user has to do to access specific Google ebooks is to enter the search terms either in the Google search engine or through the Google Books search option. If the search terms entered match the items available on the database, the Google Books search results will display the found matches for the user to see. Google ebooks that are freely available to download as a PDF are those free ebooks that are not protected by a copyright.

Nevertheless, as for those books that are governed by copyright laws, in the event that the publisher has granted Google Books permission, the Google ebook might be available either in whole to download or in part as a preview. If the publisher has only permitted the preview release of the book in the public domain, the user would have to pay the specified sum to purchase the entire Google ebook.

At present, Google ebooks has obtained permission from publishers and given access to millions of ebooks. Nevertheless, there is always the question of compatibility of Google ebooks with devices such as the Kindle. As it happens, those ebooks that are freely available for download are usually compatible with devices such as the Kindle. However, as for those books with copyright issues that need to be purchased to be downloaded, there is usually no permission to convert the ebook format to other non-compatible formats. Hence, Kindle users might not be able to access these books through their devices. Despite this limitation, Google ebooks has made a huge difference in making ebooks accessible to the public.