Kindle eBooks

If reading is more than a hobby and books are one’s best friend, then they ought to be introduced to Kindle ebooks that are bound to make their life simpler and, in fact, lighter. These Kindle ebooks have truly revolutionised the way the world reads content. The Kindle ebook library can store as many as 1500 ebooks, way more than what a dozen of bookshelves can hold.

Kindle eBook

Kindle ebooks have truly revolutionised the way the world reads content.

It was in 1970 when the electronic paper or epaper was developed by Xerox. Nothing significant really happened in this technology until the 1990s, when Joseph Jacobson began working on it and, thus, the micro capsule came into existence. As Joseph worked on epaper, he started a company known as E Ink that developed epaper for commercial purposes.

It was during this time when ebook readers emerged on the scene; however, as these were based on the LCD screen technology, they failed to make a mark despite having a good start. These screens were not good to read for long durations and were not apt for bright sunlight either. Meanwhile, epaper was being developed and Sony, a company specialising in consumer electronics, launched the first ebook reader.

People reading Kindle ebooks have increased by over 100 % in the last year and they are now buying various handheld devices that support Kindle ebooks. Being easily downloadable in as less as a few seconds or a minute, it is extremely convenient to get access to a Kindle ebook of your choice. Moreover, these are also compatible with various ebook reader devices that add to their features. Another great feature of Kindle ebooks is that one can change the print size to assist in reading.

Various Kindle ebooks are also available as audio books, so one can indeed listen to these and not just read them. Having global wireless features, these can be accessed in more than 100 countries. Moreover, keeping in line with the growing use of social media, information about these ebooks can also be shared on social networking sites. Kindle ebooks come with so many outstanding features that are bound to make one wonder as to why they are not using those already.